A Painting in the Making

On occasion I think it would be a great idea to make a photographic record of a painting in the making. However, it does not always turn out as planned . . . . . . . . . . . . .

I find in the early stages stopping to take a photograph every once in a while is easy, I often take breaks to stand back and consider the work and where I want to go next, it is just a case of having my camera to hand and actually remembering to take the pic. The problem is at a later stage, once I am in the zone as it were - time just disappears and the momentum of the artwork takes over . . . . I am sure there must be other artists out there that know what I mean. It is at this stage that the thought of photography is completely forgotten and it becomes not so much time-lapse photography as 'time-gap' photography!

Below is one of my more successful attempts at capturing the progress on a piece. This is a 16 x 12 inch acrylic on canvas titled 'Oxford Train', inspired as you can probably guess by a train journey to Oxford and some silly photos I took whilst keeping my daughter amused (she is featuring in the piece). The painting was created in 2008 and I love looking back at these images as a fascinating view on how my mind works when building up the layers and colours to make the finished artwork.

 You will notice that the previously mentioned 'time-gap' occurs between pictures 3 above and 4 below, it is not so apparent with this painting which is why I have shared this older work of art with you. It is also something that is not a typical composition for me, though I hope you agree that it still shows my recognisable style.

 The finished painting is below . . . 'Oxford Train' 2008 . . . I hope you have enjoyed the insight into my artist mind. I will attempt to share a more recent time-lapse artwork soon.

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